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The Avery Burton Foundation is a training center for Mental Health First Aid certifications for Adults and Youth. A recent report from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas tells us that Nevada ranks 51st and LAST among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in overall mental health rankings. We’re changing that.

Mental health first aid training helps bridge the gap between people who are struggling and getting them the resources that they need. At the Avery Burton foundation we want every family and every company and every organization to have somebody who is trained in mental health first aid, so they know how to help someone in a mental health crisis.

Please contact to get certified in Mental Health First Aid for people who work with adults or for people who work with children.

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Be A Mental Health First Aid Champion!

Get on board with the ABF Mental Health First Aid Training Program. 

Avery Burton Foundation’s goal is to have a person in every family, company, and organization trained in Mental Health First Aid, so they understand how to help someone having a Mental Health Crisis. 

Please reach out to us with any inquiries about Mental Health Certification for Adults and Children.