The Avery Burton Foundation has been established to serve as an educational development and community development public charity.  The idea of this organization has been initiated from a challenge faced in many communities of having loved ones who may be silently suffering with issues that are too great for them to handle on their own which in some cases can lead to unfortunate outcomes.  This organization has been created to serve individuals in need, families of loved ones who maybe having personal challenges, caretakers who are in the healing process with loved ones who are trying to seek out assistance and those who may be left behind in the aftermath of a tragic decision made by their loved ones.

Due to the dedication of meeting individuals and families where they are on their journey, The Avery Burton Foundation has designed a three-step system to categorize and offer customized support to those we serve.  The categories within this system are:  prevention, monitoring and aftermath, and outreach for education and community programming

Prevention will allow for educational curriculum and workshops that teach warning signs, indicators and ways to access immediate assistance to prevent a crisis from occurring.  

Monitoring will allow those who have moved beyond the Prevention Stage, continual support, guidance and tools that seek to educate, identify and break negative patterns, provide healthy coping skills and introduce new ways of handling life that are critical to sustaining a positive mental awareness and safety.

Aftermath will allow for families and friends to deal with their own emotions of losing a loved one too soon due to trauma.  It will become a network of professionals, healers and educators that act as a support system to release negative emotions that can aid those left behind with the ability to process the events and have positive remembrance with celebration for their lost loved one(s) while freeing themselves of any grief, guilt and/or sorrow.

These programs (and additional future programming) will be developed and expanded through educational systems, civic organizations, religious organizations and any other non-profits that are willing to partner with the Avery Burton Foundation.