Recommended Back to School Book

This is Depression

Recommended Back to School Book: A short read but timely resource, “This Is Depression” is a book written for parents and families heading back to school or college this fall. It offers insight into one of the biggest problems schools don’t want you to know about:

1 in 4 college students suffers from depression.

The book not only provides personal insight into the problem, but offers solutions to help reduce the odds and improve chances for recovery.

Written by R. Avery Burton, His book, titled This is Depression (self published), is a personal story about losing his son to depression and suicide. Determined to use grief as a powerful tool for change and removing the stigma associated with mental health, Reggie decided to write the book to honor his son, Avery Burton. In the process, he rediscovered his passion for writing and helping others find their voice.

R Burton - Author