ABF Foundation

The Avery Burton Foundation has been established to serve as an educational development and community development public charity. The idea of this organization has been initiated from a challenge faced in many communities of having loved ones who may be silently suffering with issues that are too great for them to handle on their own which in some cases can lead to unfortunate outcomes. 

These programs (and additional future programming) will be developed and expanded through educational systems, civic organizations, religious organizations and any other non-profits that are willing to partner with the Avery Burton Foundation.

Contact Us:  info@averyburtonfoundation.org

What Makes an ABF Scholar?

Handles Adversity

Adversity - Def: a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty.

Loves Competition

Competiton - Def: an event or contest in which people compete.

Higher Education

Education - Def: the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, at a school or university.

2020 ABF Winners

Keely Peterson - Senior

Foothill High School

Deveny Peterson - Senior

Foothill High School